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Sonic Facial Cleanser: Two Sided Facial Cleanser

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Sonic Facial Cleanser: Two-Sided Facial Cleanser

Gentle exfoliation on the front, massage party on the back — this double-sided brush features super soft bristles and a silicone side that’s ideal for sensitive skin. Work the silicone side over more sensitive areas of your skin and the microfiber bristles on spots that need more exfoliation.


The fiber soft bristles can be used to deep cleansing your skin. The silicone massage head helps to face massage and accelerate the absorption of skincare products.


The 3D double face brush's soft dense end can clean the left makeups and excess dirt mildly and thoroughly, also for exfoliating.


It can not only be for face cleansing but also can wash the makeup puffs. Ideal for makeup remover, skin whitening, and oil control.


The standing base design is clean, sanitary, it is easy to hold and move around while cleaning your face. Convenient to store and easy to be carried for travel.

Made by high-quality medical silicone and soft bristles, super soft for better protection to your skin.

Face Cleansing Brush has Double-Sided, soft bristles on one side for cleansing Pores, and a silicone pad on the other side for exfoliating.

With this facial cleaning brush, it can help you to clean more thoroughly, which can solve many skin problem likes thick pores, dark skin, pimples, etc.

Massage silicone pad can remove dead skin, exfoliating, and promote facial blood circulation, to relieve facial relaxation and wrinkles. The soft and dense brushes can remove surface dust, grease, cosmetic residue, deeply clean your face pore, which will effectively prevent blackheads.

Non-electronic product, no fear of water, can be rinsed with flowing water, lightweight and small size, easy to carry out.

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