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Misty Quartz Face Roller and Gua Sha Set

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Facial rollers are an ancient Chinese tool made of natural stone that has been incorporated in skincare rituals as far back as the 7th century, the jade facial roller is designed to massage the face for a cooling sensation, anti-inflammatory, and lymph draining effect.

The movements help increase blood circulation and collagen production to maintain a youthful glow serving as a sort of mini facial on the daily,

Skincare experts recommend using the jade roller with facial oils or serum as it helps it glide against your face, plus the facial roller can help with deeper skin penetration.

In the morning., a chilled jade roller can be made sleepy, puffy eyes look refreshed, while in the evening., the facial roller is great for calming inflammation in the skin.


To use, begin by applying your favorite serum or facial oil to your face and neck. Start at the center of your chin, rolling out and up toward your ear. Then move the roller up to the side of your mouth and repeat. Repeat again, starting this time at the side of the nose. Roll it under your eye, moving it horizontally toward your temple, and repeat it on your eyelid. On your forehead, roll it up from your brow to your hairline. Then roll it horizontally out toward your temple. Finally, repeat on the other side of your face.


Note: The product is fragile, please handle it with care. Dropping the tool may damage the tool and crystals. The color may vary slightly from the picture that is listed. Due to natural formations in the crystals, each tool will be unique.


Care: After every use, wipe your Crystal roller gently with a soft damp cloth. Store your rollers in a dry place. Do not expose the rollers to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents as it would erode the finish and polish. Do not soak the roller in hot water.

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