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DIY Facemask Maker Machine

Are you always worried about “What’s in your mask? If the ingredients used are cruelty-free, vegan, skin-friendly? Or is your skin sensitive to most skincare products? If you are anything like 78% of the clean skincare community, our DIY facemask maker will be your BFF! 

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Make 100% Natural Facemask with our DIY Facial Mask Maker

Worried about the quality of masks sold in the store or confused about various effective masks and struggled with choosing the right one to solve the facial problem? DIY Facial Sheet Mask Maker may help solve those problems, using natural ingredients like fruit, vegetable juice, tea, milk, etc. to make a facial mask. 

Our DIY Automatic facial mask maker creates a 100% vegan fresh facemask with NO-harmful chemicals in just under 5 mins. So you never worry about the ingredients in your skincare products or if your skin will react to you since all ingredients used are fresh from your kitchen or garden. 

Not only can you create custom face masks with ingredients of your choice( say serum or essential oils) but also save dollars every year on buying unnecessary skincare products. 

In addition, our DIY facemask maker may help solve common skin problems, using natural ingredients like fruit, vegetable juice, tea, milk, etc. to make a facial mask. With just one click of an intelligent operation, you can make your own face mask at home. You can even use products like honey, yogurt, aloe, veggies, and other goodies and healthy ingredients for your skin! 

Choosing mask ingredients according to your skin condition, personalized your own facial mask at home, to be a dewy glowy look.

With just one click you can make your own face mask at home. Use fruits and vegetables as raw materials and with the one-button intelligent operation your homemade facemask will be ready in minutes! You can use products like honey, yogurt, aloe, veggies, and other goodies and healthy ingredients for your skin! 

 Facial Cream Maker Machine Collagen Fruit Vegetable DIY Automatic Face Cream Making with 32 Counts Collagen Pills. Facial Mask Maker will help you save money and you can easily make your own masks at home!

How to Make a Natural Facemask with our Facial Mask Maker?

Our DIY Mask maker is very easy to use with just one Click.

Click once to start making a mask, click twice to start self-cleaning, and keep pressing for seconds to stop the machine.

With both Indicator Light and Voice Remind!

After the mask is poured out, cool for about five minutes. Mask temperature is slightly higher than the skin temperature of about 15°C

After the mask is poured out, cool for 5 minutes or put in the fridge for 30 secs. Mask temperature is lower than room temperature.

32 Collagen Pills are Included

As we age, our body’s collagen production slows down. Collagen improves skin elasticity and slows down aging. This is why we recommend using a collagen pill with our facial mask maker. DIY various kinds of facial masks by pouring the juice of the fruit and vegetable, or tea, milk, honey, coffee, essential oils, or even green juices of your choice.

Ingredients: Carrageenan, PEG-5M, tartaric acid, glucomannan, sodium carbonate, maltodextrin, sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride.

Step 1: Connect the power.

Step 2: Add pure water and hear a beep, which means that 60ml of water is full, stop adding it.

Step 3: Add the nutrient solution, and you will hear two beeps, indicating that the 20ml nutrient solution is full and stop adding.

Step 4: Add collagen.

Step 5: Press the start button to start making the mask for about five minutes.

Step 6: Hear a continuous sound to indicate that the mask is made, press and hold the diversion key to export the mask liquid to cool.

Step 7: Press the start button to enter the cleaning mode. At this time, the light with the cleaning pattern on the right side of the mask machine lights up.

Step 8: Add 80ml of purified water and stop adding after hearing the two beeps.

Step 9: Press the start button to start cleaning for about five minutes (if a viscous nutrient solution is used, clean it with a brush before cleaning).

Step 10: After cleaning is complete, press the diversion key to export the cleaning liquid.

Why Do You Need A Facial Mask Machine?

  • No chemicals, safer and healthier masks as you need. Having fun in making the fruit or vegetable facial mask by yourself at home, add it to your spa day to get the best effect of skincare, skin tightening, and its natural effects.
  • Allows you to mix and use natural home ingredients on your face, WITH NO PRESERVATIVES or IRRITATING ‘SUBSTANCES
  • . An even mask will be formed automatically on the mask plate by only pouring the liquid ingredients into the machine
  •  Quiet automatic and easy to operate, only one power button to control all the programs. A safe and convenient way to do DIY facials at home.
  • Easy to clean. You can pour water down the machine and press the lower button to clean the inside and cool down the machine after each use.

  • Safe and healthy
  • This is a MUST-HAVE for your daily skincare routine!
  • Spa-like beauty experience
  • Easy to Clean
  • Improves skin quality without any side effects!


1.Can I make a mask or wash the machine with 100m! Or ‘more than 100ml of water?

No. The Machine is set to receive a total amount of 6OML water +20ML nutrients (do not exceed 90m of liquid). Use 80ml  of water for cleaning

2. After making the mask, if you forget to pour out the liquid from the machine into the plate, What should I do if the mask is solidified in the machine?

Connect the power cord and press the Control Key to heat up. After 5 minutes of heating, press the start button to export the liquid onto the mask plate.

3.Can I use boiling water to clean it?

We advise medium temperatures to clean the machine it's best to avoid boiling water!

4.Can 1 mix whole fruit and vegetables?

The skin cannot be absorbed fruit in that form and may block the flow of liquid. It's best to blitz all ingredients first and make a fine liquid before using

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