Brand Ambassadors

Does getting free makeup, supporting mental health and wellbeing, and getting huge discounts on amazing products sound too good to be true?

Viral Beauty Shop

Well, it's not! Welcome to the life of a Viral Beauty Ambassador!

All of our brand Ambassadors are hand-picked and messaged on Instagram. Unfortunately, we are very picky for our ambassadors so If you have not been messaged you are either not a good fit for us or you have not been discovered yet.

Not only will you be able to support efforts to raise awareness about Mental health, as our Ambassador, you'll also get paid for every sale you make, gain access to Ambassador Only Products and get an exclusive discount code only available for Ambassadors!

Ambassador Exclusive Benefits

  • Our top ambassadors are also featured on Social Media with over 100K followers
  • FREE monthly beauty packages 
  • 25% commission per sale average commission $25.
  • Priority customer support & logistics. 
  • Personal coupon code that ranges from 20%-50%.
  • Priority shipping and EXCLUSIVE discounts


We will do all the work for you, all we ask is for you to promote our products on your Instagram page whenever you feel it fits best for your audience. We are more than happy to send you videos & pictures of the product in action so you can share them on your Instagram 

Viral Beauty Shop Ambassador

We will make you a unique coupon code in your name so your audience can get an exclusive discount on our store . You can sign up for the exclusive ambassador program here 👉Sign Up

Ambassadors Requirements:

  1. We ONLY collaborate with mental health advocates and beauty lovers who believe in 'Glow from within"
  •  As an ambassador, you are 100% required to create content about beauty and have a true passion about it. We do not want people that just want to take advantage of our Brand and our offers solely for them to gain fame or the other perks we provide.
  • Be able to spread the word out.
  •  As an Ambassador, you must be able to spread the word out for our brand and mainly our goal as a brand. Our brand's goal is to help as many people with mental health resources as possible with our conversation-starting range of skincare and beauty products. We do not want people that keep the offers they receive for themselves without sharing. Sharing includes anything from a simple Instagram story featuring our brand to organizing events in your neighborhood in order to raise money( Brilliant Idea but we can not force you to do that much).

However, there are things that don't matter when we choose our Ambassadors. A few of those are:

  • Social Media Account Following
    • Small or Large Followings don't have any influence whether you will be picked or not.
  • Gender
    • All genders are equally accepted. We do not believe in sexism nor we promote it. Which ever your gender is, you are more than welcome to represent our Brand.
  • Age
    • Whether you are a kid, teenager, adult or an elder, if you think you will be a great fit, you are more than welcome to become our Ambassador.

Top Performing Ambassador Rewards:

  1. Every 5 Sales Through Your Affiliate Link Or Coupon Code You'll Receive A Free Product Up To The Value Of $100
  1. Every 20 Sales Your Personal Coupon Code Will Be Increased By 5% (MAXIMUM % Is 50%)
  1. When You Achieve 30 Sales Through Your Affiliate Link Or Coupon Code You'll Receive free products worth $299. 
  1. When You Achieve 50 Sales Through Your Affiliate Link Or Coupon Code You'll Receive A 5% Increase To Your Affiliate Commission (MAXIMUM AFFILIATE COMMISSION 45%)
  1. When You Achieve 100 Sales Through Your Affiliate Link Or Coupon Code You'll Receive Another 5% Increase To Your Affiliate Commission (MAXIMUM AFFILIATE COMMISSION 45%) and gifts worth $1000

Top Performing methods to get sales as an ambassador 

  1. Tag us in your future photos and pervious photos 
  2. Repost our Instagram stories to your Instagram stories 
  3. Post our videos & pictures on your Instagram feed 
  4. Request a sample product for you to review on your Instagram page 
  5. Pin us at the top of your comments 
  6. Mention us in your Instagram bio with your unique coupon code 
  7. Post your affiliate link in the link section of your account