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Bear and Biscuit Blenders

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Bears are cute, biscuits are flavorsome, Why not have the best of all worlds by adding them to your Makeup routine?

This set of Bear and Biscuit beauty blenders is perfect for the makeup junkies in your life. Each pack contains a mix of bear and biscuit blends. 

The Cute Microfiber Makeup sponge set has 6 unique blender that is super soft and bouncy, applies your foundation and concealer with an airbrushed finish! This sponge is perfect for building up coverage, can be used with foundation, concealer, contour, highlighter, and more!

This unique sponge absorbs over 70% LESS product than a typical makeup sponge because of its unique fuzzy, velvety, microfiber layer. 

To Use:

Can be used wet or dry! Use the sponge dry for dry/powder products like setting powder, baking, powder blush, and highlight!

To use Wet: run under water and squeeze out excess water. Blend and tap in foundation and concealer by dabbing onto the skin in pressing motions. 

TO CLEAN: Best to wash right after use while it's still damp instead of waiting until it dries. Due to the unique double-layer microfiber, please wash gently with soap and water. Do not rub on rough surfaces or twist too hard.

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