Our Story

Our Story

Sep 22 , 2020


Rhythm Karmani

At Viralbeautyshop, we believe in enhancing real beauty rather than concealing it. We provide smart skincare solutions to every skin type. Beauty isn’t born in the boardroom, it is individual to every human being.

With the help of friends and family, we started Viralbeautyshop without any investor funding or traditional big-budget marketing and grew it to thousands of customers worldwide. We started our journey keeping in mind about the much ignored-skincare needs. Our body needs nutrition and so does our skin.

We started our business with YOU and your skincare needs in mind.

Our products are made with a mix of clean, lush ingredients, free from any bad stuff, so you can also feel confident about the love and care that goes into each product. 

Our brand is inspired by ancient beauty hacks that involve using a lot of natural ingredients such as matcha and botanical extracts and Infused with portable modern skin tools that facilitate skincare anywhere, anytime.

Skip the needles and expensive equipment and create your own beauty bar at home. We’re not here to complicate your beauty routine, but just to customize it according to your needs. 

We are on a mission to help everyone celebrate their individuality by redefining what beautiful means. Our range of skincare and cosmetics are made with lightweight formulas to melt into your skin and feel more like you.


Beauty does not have to be flawless

Beauty does not have to be Perfect

Beauty does not have to be an ideal color

Beauty does not have to be an ideal size

Beauty des does not have to break the bank

Beauty does not have to be stereotypical

Beauty Starts with You. It is a wellness journey between you and your most naked self. It is accepting your au naturel and doing everything that makes you feel happy whether it’s flaunting a bare face or pampering your skin with facemasks and gua shas. 

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